Cloud 9 is always making things happen. We got nothing but love for y'all!
— Jam Cruise Guest

This was the absolute most magical experience of my life. I traveled alone but with a fan-based community like this, I feel like I stayed with a huge extended family. The music was phenomenal, the resort was fantastic, and the people were the icing on the cake! I can’t wait for next year!
— One Big Holiday Guest

Cloud 9 is excellent - I can't imagine how they put everything together!
— Jam Cruise Guest

Holy Ship! was one of the best experiences of my life. I have never been in a place with so many great people and staff who have the same goal in mind: to have fun, enjoy life, and listen to some amazing music. By far my favorite music festival, and there is no question in my mind that I'll be back again next year.
— Holy Ship! Guest

Top notch music, top notch resort and location, top notch staff and service, hands down the best festival vacation I have ever taken!
— Dan HMayan Holidaze Guest

Cloud 9 does it the best. I've been to my fair share of festivals and Jam Cruise always amazes me. Every need is met before you even realize you wanted it. There is such flawless, relaxed, inspiring energy surrounding the organizing of Jam Cruise. I would love to say that I will forever be a lifer. Thank you Cloud 9 for truly turning it up to 11. Cheers.
— Jam Cruise 11 Guest

No phone,no internet, no alarm clock, no work, no kids, no ticket stub needed, no cranky ushers and 24hr bar and rock n' roll...equals...best vacation ever!!!!
— Stephanie Rein, Jam Cruise Guest

This was the best one yet. Really. It's clear that you listen to us and strive to make even the slightest improvements each year that are absolutely noticeable. Thank you Cloud 9 for putting me on Cloud 9 year after year.
— Emily Cohen, Jam Cruise Guest

The Cloud 9 staff pulled off another first class event...thanks, see you next year!
— Jesse Danneman, Jam Cruise/Mayan Holidaze/Panic en la Playa Guest

Shhh, it's the best kept secret in the industry/music scene.
— Jason, Jam Cruise 9 Guest

I have seen a lot of music and done a lot of fun things. THIS was the most fun I have ever had in my entire life.
— Alan McManus, Jam Cruise Guest

Thanks Cloud 9 again quite possibly the most fun I have ever had over 5 days and nights
— Jam Cruise 11 Guest

I have been counting my blessings since coming home. I can try to explain the journey, but you have to be on board to experience the magic. Thanks Cloud 9, I freaking LOVE you.
— Jam Cruise 11 Guest

It is just an overall great vibe the entire week. It's a vacation with some of the best people plucked from all around the world. We partied, made some great friends, as well as a positive impact during the day of service!
— Panic en la Playa Tres Guest

Vacation of a lifetime! And I got to do it twice! Cloud 9 is absolutely stellar in my book. Hard Rock was great as well. The memories created on this trip will last a lifetime... Thank you so much for the hard work that I know goes into something like this. It's worth every penny. I am so grateful :)
— Panic en la Playa Dos Guest

As always, Cloud 9 is the Top of the Class when it comes to putting on destination concert vacations. No one else does it like you do! And no words could ever do it justice as to how much fun they are. They are the best vacations that I take every year and it is why I always come back. In fact I work all year so I can afford to go on Cloud 9 events! Two this year was epic! It's like you died and went to cloud 9!
— Panic en la Playa Dos Guest

Cloud 9 gets it. You get it... This is so very apparent from the flawless execution of both Panic en la Playa events. It's too bad that we have to wait an entire year to do it again.
— Panic en la Playa Dos Guest

Truly an amazing experience - Cloud 9 does a remarkable job allowing people to fully enjoy themselves in an exotic setting while they attend to every detail
— Panic en la Playa Dos Guest

Absolutely the best vacation ever!! Cloud 9 has got you covered, just get there and all else is taken care of!! Awesome!! 
— Jason Roland, Panic en la Playa Dos Guest

Cloud 9 has done it again! They know their clients, and they deliver. Thank you for a real good time, and PLEASE do it again!
— Strings & Sol Guest

A superior event. Cloud 9 staff, as well as resort staff, went beyond my very high expectations!
— Strings & Sol Guest

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